Improve Inhaler Technique & Adherence

Up to 90% of inhalers (pMDIs) are used incorrectly.*

*Murphy, A. (2016) How to help patients optimize their inhaler technique. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 297(7891).

Improper inhaler technique can result in reduced health outcomes and more emergency room visits for asthma and COPD patients.

BreatheSuite MDI

An inhaler add-on and app that collects information and provides feedback on how you use our inhaler by:

Measuring how long you inhale
Measuring how long you shake your inhaler
Sensing if your inhaler's mouthpiece is horizontal
Sensing if you pushed down on your inhaler as you start to breathe in
Recording the date and time of your inhaler use


Collect information on how and when you use your inhaler.

Data is sent to the app on your phone. The app displays information on inhaler adherence and technique and provides reminders & tips on how to use your inhaler correctly.

BreatheSuite inspires respiratory patients to keep their respiratory health front of mind.

For Patients

The BreatheSuite Device attaches to existing MDI medication to provide real-time inhaler adherence and technique feedback on your smartphone. Just attach the BreatheSuite device to your inhaler, download the BreatheSuite App, and continue to use your inhaler as prescribed.

For Healthcare Professionals

The BreatheSuite App generates reports that can be shared with healthcare professionals. Reports include feedback on patients' inhaler technique, adherence and rescue inhaler use to help identify condition exacerbation. This information will help healthcare professionals create personalized healthcare plans and identify patients that are in need of additional help.

Adding an objective & automated measurement of inhaler technique and adherence to your work.
Clinical Trials
Remote Patient Monitoring
Asthma & COPD 
Health Systems
"I've been taking my inhaler for years and only got 50%! I thought I was doing a good job, but this is showing me there is lots of room for improvement!"

- Individual with 20 years of experience using inhalers
"It's really important to know if you are taking your inhaler the right way, if you're not, what's the point in taking it at all!"

- Individual diagnosed with asthma and COPD
"With this I can confirm if my daughter took her inhaler at the right time and the right way!"

- Parent of a child with Asthma

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** Al-Jahdali, H., Ahmed, A., Al-Harbi, A., Khan, M., Baharoon, S., Salih, S. B Al-Muhsen, S. (2013). Improper inhaler technique is associated with poor asthma control and frequent emergency department visits. Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology, 9(1), 8. doi:10.1186/1710-1492-9-8
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