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Fully virtual COPD care, one click away 

BreatheSuite helps you maximize your lung capacity and mobility by reducing your symptoms and activity limitations through exercise and self-management education.

Take control of your lung health with virtual pulmonary rehab (vPR)

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Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation (VPR)

COPD specific exercises, on-demand patient education, and motivational support tailored to meet your interpersonal goals and needs!

1 on 1 Coaching & Peer Groups

Coaches will advise, support, and encourage you to reach your wellness goals. You are placed in a private group of peers who have similar life stages and COPD treatment goals.


Our smart devices help you and your coaches connect with more data. By knowing how you're feeling, we can work with you to improve your breathing.

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Mature Woman

Sherry, 79

45 Miles from Pulmonary Rehab Center

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I am so lucky to find this - I am just thrilled to be doing this program!

Man in Cowboy Hat

Tom, 70

39 Miles from Pulmonary Rehab Center

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"I'm the happiest I've ever been right now. I appreciate all you guys have done. The professionalism of the coaches is off the chart and they make me feel very comfortable." 

Changing lives of people just like you

Getting started is simple


Take your free assessment 

Determine your eligibility for participation in the BreatheSuite program.


Meet your coaching team


Our experts are trained professionals with experience working with people just like you.

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Get your BreatheSuite welcome kit


Our welcome kit includes a pulse oximeter, exercise bands, inhaler sensors and a journal, all tailored to your specific needs.

Get started towards better breathing


We want you to achieve what matters for you. We work towards your specific goals that make a difference to your life.

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Our solution is cheaper & more accessible than in-person hospital programs!

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In-Person Pulmonary Rehab

On-Demand appointments 

Fully virtual and effective rehab sessions from home

Free BreatheSuite welcome kit valued at $100 

Zero transportation costs

Limited appointment availability

Rehab sessions at crowded hospital

No personal equipment provided


High transportation costs

$19.99 per month

$135 per month

*costs are applied for the duration of the program

*Pulmonary Rehabilitation is usually 8 to 12 times a month for two to three months or more.

How our program is built

Our programs are built using virtual pulmonary rehab studies from leading academic institutions across the world, proven to improve health and wellbeing.

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Our courses are made to meet your specific needs while providing  on-demand patient education, and motivational support

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Connect with individuals in comparable phases of life who are willing to discuss their experiences and COPD treatment objectives

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Gain access to a personalized exercise prescription intended to improve breathlessness, functional mobility, activity tolerance and overall quality of life

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Meet our coaches


Kali Nordin PT, DPT, CCS

5+ years experience
Dr. Nordin is a physical therapist in Arizona and a Board-Certified Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Clinical Specialist in the field. Her background is with managing a variety of heart and lung conditions, but most notably her time spent working alongside patients pre- and post-lung transplant. Her passion is centered around partnering, encouraging and guiding patients with chronic heart and lung conditions to achieve a better quality of life.

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Melissa Hamilton BS, MPH, RRT, CRE

Melissa has 5 years of experience managing a variety of different respiratory conditions including asthma, COPD, fibrosis, and lung transplants. Using a person-centric approach, she helps to meet the unique needs of every user at BreatheSuite so that they can reach their goals and live a better and healthier life without their lung disease controlling their lives.


Rachel Noorlag NBC-HWC

Rachel has over 8 years experience in healthy behavior change, and is a board certified health and wellness coach. Being a fellow asthmatic increases her understanding and empathy with clients on their own paths to better breathing. Using a strength-based approach, she will support you in discovering and building upon your healthy habits.

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