Take a deep breath.

Using your inhaler has never been easier.


90% of inhalers are used incorrectly.

At BreatheSuite, our mission is to allow patients to use their inhaler properly without the need for separate training devices. The BreatheSuite inhaler add-on connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth to ensure you never miss a dose, your technique is correct and your symptoms are well controlled.


Perfect Technique. Perfect Adherence.


Track your inhaler usage, your technique scores or how well controlled you are, automatically.


Teach yourself to get more medication to your lungs. Using our post dosage reporting or real-time trainer, we'll ensure you're getting the medication you need.


Connect with your doctor, family members and circle of care to make your treatment more personal.

1. Murphy, A. (2016). How to help patients optimise their inhaler technique. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 297(7891). doi: 10.1211/PJ.2016.20201442

Disease management made easy.

Using our hardware and software, managing your Asthma or COPD just got easier.

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