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COPD care the way it should be 

We believe COPD patients deserve an exceptional experience right in their home. That's why we've developed a fully virtual COPD management program so patients can live happier, healthier lives.

COPD costs are growing quickly


Estimated excess spend as a result of COPD


Growth in COPD spend over the last decade


Growth in Medicare inhaler spend in the last five years

in annual savings for every patient enrolled in Pulmonary rehab*

International guidelines recommend pulmonary rehabilitation for all moderate to severe patients with COPD, but less than 2% of patients actually receive it. 

This is because there is not enough access to pulmonary rehabilitation centres.

1 Pulmonary rehab centre

for every

43,000 COPD patients

Mosher, C., Nanna, M., & Jawitz, O. (2022). Cost-effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation among US adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. JAMA Network Open, 5(6). 

Say hello to COPD care made easy

Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation (VPR)

Users will receive a fully virtual pulmonary rehabilitation program including COPD specific exercises*, on-demand patient education, and motivational support to achieve their goals.

* Medical authorization & clearance is required before enrolling in exercises in the VPR Program.

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1 on 1 Health Coaching

Each BreatheSuite user is put in touch with a Health Coach who is trained to help you manage your COPD on a daily basis. Coaches will guide, support and encourage you on your journey to better breathing.

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Hi Jane, it seems you're improving your COPD score. Your daily report shows improvements. Great work!

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Hi Jane, I noticed you've used your rescue inhaler four times in the last hour, how can I help?

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FDA Cleared Connected Inhaler Sensors 

Our FDA-cleared inhaler sensors will track the frequency and effectiveness of rescue inhaler usage. We will know exactly when their symptoms are flaring up. As soon as a rescue is used more frequently than it should be, coaches are notified to prevent minor exacerbations from becoming major problems.

Peer Groups

Participants are then matched into private group of peers that closely match their life stage and COPD management goals. The group will be important for empathy, encouragement, as well as social accountability. 

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Great job everyone on hitting their goals!

I have never had others that feel the same way as me. You are all such an inspiration!

How It Works

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Sign up

Users are deemed eligible by inputting their information through

Receive welcome kit

Users receive a welcome kit with hardware and software instructions on how to get started.

Meet your coach and peer group

Users will be matched into a peer group and assigned a coach to begin designing a plan for users.

Start your journey to better breathing

Users will be onboarded to their daily log, educational modules and exercise training modules to start managing their COPD effectively.

Patient Stories

“With what I have experienced, this can be life changing!

- BreatheSuite user Sandra

For payers and providers

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