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Respiratory Care Made Easy

Deliver virtual pulmonary rehab to your patients with ease

1 on 1 Physical Therapy
One-Click Video Calling
Designed for Medicare beneficiaries
SMS/text based communication

No waitlists, no travel, no problems

Provide your patients with access to evidence-based respiratory care from the comfort of their own homes

Reading at Home

Become a referring provider to BreatheSuite

BreatheSuite's platform provides a number of benefits for healthcare providers who are seeking to offer virtual pulmonary rehab services to their patients

Mother and Daughter
Old and Young
Senior Man
Medical Consultation
Doctor's Clinic

Increased Access to Pulmonary Rehab

Referred patients can schedule virtual visits at times that are convenient for both the patient and provider, and can conduct visits from any location with an internet connection

Real Personalized Care

BreatheSuite's Virtual Pulmonary Rehab program is designed around personalized care, creating individual treatment plans that engage individuals to be proactive in their care

Designed for all Severity Levels

We'll always find a way to deliver personalized, safe and effective care to our users through our vPR program, no matter how severe the condition

Consistent Commuication

BreatheSuite provides detailed reports throughout the duration of each patients program which can be uploaded into their referring providers patient chart

How It Works

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You refer patients in the same way that traditional in-person rehab does

Maintain your regular procedures for scheduling so that you can grow effortlessly

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We provide patients with everything they need

We provide patients with the exercise and monitoring equipment necessary to ensure effective care and support is provided throughout the program


Our Care Team proactively support patients

Our user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant platform allows our Care Team to monitor many patients from the comfort of their homes

Contact us today!

3623 Crossings Dr. Suite 282
Prescott Arizona 86305

(855) 394-2531

+1 (928) 441-8421


Proving patient outcomes beyond the expectation of in-person pulmonary rehab

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While keeping patients happy, engaged and comfortable at home

91%     91%    98%

Session Attendance Rate

Completion Rate

Patient Satisfaction Rate

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