Frequently Asked Questions

What does my BreatheSuite MDI device track?

The BreatheSuite MDI Device tracks the following aspects of your inhaler technique:

  • It measures how long you shake your inhaler.
  • It senses if you hold your inhaler correctly.
  • It senses how long and forcefully you inhale.
  • It senses if you push down on your inhaler at the right time.
  • It records inhaler use.

Upon syncing your device, all of this information is sent to your BreatheSuite app. You can use your smartphone to view technique feedback, get tips on how to improve your technique, and view trends about your inhaler use

How do I sync my BreatheSuite MDI device?

To sync you BreatheSuite MDI device follow these steps:

  1. Shake the BreatheSuite MDI device and wait for the blinking blue light.
  2. Open the BreatheSuite app on your smartphone and ensure Bluetooth is enabled.
  3. Wait for the app to retrieve the data from the BreatheSuite MDI device.

Why is tracking these aspects important?

Inhaler technique is important to ensure the best therapeutic success.  Studies show that correct inhaler usage results in less frequent rescue inhaler usage.

Will the BreatheSuite MDI device work if I’m not in close proximity to my smartphone?

The BreatheSuite MDI Device will keep track of your inhaler use even if you’re not in close proximity to your smartphone. The next time you sync your Device, it will send the stored information to the BreatheSuite app automatically.

If you want your BreatheSuite MDI Device to send the information automatically:

  • Do not turn Bluetooth off in your smartphone settings.
  • Do not “Swipe Close” the BreatheSuite app on your smartphone.

Will the BreatheSuite app work if I am offline?

No, the BreatheSuite app requires a stable internet connection to function as intended.

What do I do if I get a new inhaler?

When you get a new inhaler or refill a prescription, attach your BreatheSuite MDI device to the new inhaler and continue using it as normal. If your prescription changes and you’re required to add a different inhaler, you can do so in the “Prescriptions” tab on the BreatheSuite mobile app.

What's the difference between a Controller and Rescue Inhaler?

Controller Inhaler:

These medications are known as preventer or long-acting and should be used on a regular basis to help control and cure inflammation of airways.

Rescue inhaler:

It is also called as reliever, short acting, quick-reliever or emergency medication. It is used “as needed” during an asthma attack, coughing, wheezing, or flare-ups to induce proper breathing.

Can I clean my device?

Do not put your device under water or in a dishwasher or sterilizer. This could damage your sensor. To clean you device follow these steps:

  1. Remove the device from your inhaler before cleaning.
  2. Clean the outside of the device using a mild soap on a slightly damp cloth.
  3. Allow device to air dry.

Why is my device not lighting up anymore?

The device battery may no longer have adequate charge. Please contact the BreatheSuite support team at or call toll-free 855-667-8931 so we can send you a new device. The battery included with every BreatheSuite MDI device has a lifespan of 1.5 years.

Why is my dose missing?

If you 'Swipe Close" the app during dose sending, this could result in you dose not being recorded in the app. Ensure that while your dose is being sent to your phone (while you see the BreatheSuite wheel spinning), you do not close the app.

There are a number of reasons that you may be missing a dose, including:

  • A poor Bluetooth connection.
  • An interruption of internet connection.
  • The battery in the BreatheSuite MDI device not having have adequate charge.

To guarantee that you do not lose any doses ensure that:

  • The BreatheSuite MDI device and your smartphone are in close proximity and Bluetooth is enabled when syncing.
  • You have a stable internet connection.
  • The blue light on the BreatheSuite MDI device is blinking when taking a dose.

If a dose is missing, you can manually mark the dose as taken in the BreatheSuite app.

How do I mark a dose as 'taken' in the app?

  • For rescue prescriptions, tap the plus button on your home screen to manually create a dose.
  • For controller prescriptions, tap on the dose you’d like to 'Mark as taken' to open up the technique summary page. Then scroll down and tap the “Mark as taken” button.
  • A dose the is manually marked "as taken" will appear in the app as:

Is there an online User Manual?

Yes. Click the buttons below to view our User Manuals for Prescription and Over the Counter Devices.

Where can I read the BreatheSuite App Privacy and Terms of Use?

You can read these policies here.

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