Clinical Trials

Enhance your clinical trial with the BreatheSuite MDI Device

Collect inhaler use data to evaluate medical, environmental and behavioral interventions in clinical trials.
Relying on self-reported adherence data is unreliable and non-objective*.
Add the BreatheSuite MDI Device to your protocol to automatically collect objective - adherence, technique and location data for inhaler use.

Your Clinical Trial


  • Increase trial efficiency and result efficacy
  • Improve patient recruitment & on-boarding experience
  • Decrease intrusiveness  with passive data collection
  • Review and encourage patient participation
  • Individual and cohort level data availability
  • Produce reliable, real-life data sets
  • Secure, cloud based data management
  • Real-time data opens new possibilities
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* Corrine I.Voils, Rick H.Hoyle,Carolyn T.Thorpe, Matthew L. Maciejewski, William S. Yancy Jr. (2011) Improving the measurement of self-reported medication nonadherence. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Vol 64(3) 250-254