BreatheSuite Announces Graduation from Creative Destruction Lab Accelerator

BreatheSuite Announces Graduation from Creative Destruction Lab Accelerator

BreatheSuite is excited to announce our graduation from the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) accelerator.  The announcement comes just two years after our founding and represents a huge milestone for us.

As one of Canada’s largest technology and science startup accelerators, CDL is a great supporter of BreatheSuite’s vision. Boasting a range of successful alumni like Concha Labs, Blue Mesa Health and eMurmur, CDL is known to set its participants up for success. CDL involves partnering scientific early stage ventures with invaluable guidance from experienced mentors and creating opportunities for business development and fundraising. CDL’s support has helped BreatheSuite pursue our goal of empowering respiratory patients to enhance their health.

“CDL was an amazing experience. The advice from our world class mentors, paired with strategic monthly objectives has put BreatheSuite on the right path for significant growth. We’re excited for what’s ahead.” said Brett Vokey, BreatheSuite Founder & CEO.

Fellow Newfoundland-based startupCo-Lab Software graduated the program in 2018 and is now touted as arguably themost promising software company in the province (1). The province is also hometo Mysa Smart Thermostats, a startup that produces one of the top smart thermostatsfor electric baseboard and in-floor systems on the market (2).  As relatively young business, BreatheSuite ishoping that our seed-stage success, gained through the help of CDL, isindicative of a similarly optimistic future.

(1) Coles, T. (2019). "Silicon Valley summer turns into $2.7M in fall funding for St. John's software company." CBC.

(2) Stokes, N. (2020). "Best smart thermostats in 2020, according to experts." NBC.


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