BreatheSuite Completes External Testing in the US

BreatheSuite Completes External Testing in the US

It's been an exciting month for BreatheSuite. We're thrilled to announce the completion of our first round of external testing in the United States! The results were incredibly promising. The best part? We didn't even need to leave our St. John’s office.

As we all continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, some operational adjustments have been more easily made than others. Through the adoption of Lookback's software, BreatheSuite's external testing was made possible! Rather than wait for the international border to open, we were able to implement a hybrid solution - combining remote observations with in-person contact. Multiple team members of BreatheSuite were able to observe the testing that was moderated in-person by our wonderful partners, Formative Factors in Austin, TX.

“In these unprecedented times, we can’t sit back and wait until COVID-19 is cured or the US/ Canadian borders to open. Lookback allowed us to virtually bring several team members, with diverse backgrounds, to the testing room. We observed how patients interacted with the BreatheSuite MDI which has led to valuable insights and allowed us to get the BreatheSuite MDI into the hands of patients worldwide” says BreatheSuite Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Meshari F. Alwashmi.

Lookback has previously been used by some of the world’s largest application developers to provide real-time, accurate user feedback through video conferencing and user-generated recordings. Netflix, eBay, and Facebook are just some to have benefited from Lookback’s solutions. Effectively reducing the amount of face-to-face contact required between user and researcher - while still allowing one to view the user’s app navigation in real-time,  the platform has helped propel external testing exponentially. 

“We are excited that our products were used in this innovative way to overcome the travel obstacle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe there may be other applications for our product, aside from Human Factors Testing and User Research, and we can’t wait to explore these opportunities with future clients! - Henrik Mattsson - CEO - Lookback

We're proud to announce this progress given the many challenges that exist working within the uncertainty and limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to Lookback and participating patients for all their help.


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