Leading asthma & COPD expert, Dr. J. Mark FitzGerald, joins Advisory Board of BreatheSuite

Leading asthma & COPD expert, Dr. J. Mark FitzGerald, joins Advisory Board of BreatheSuite

Dr. FitzGerald’s passion for his patients aligns with BreatheSuite’s vision of empowering respiratory patients to enhance their health. Through research and personally managing countless respiratory patients, Dr. FitzGerald stated “for many people, asthma is a disease that can be quite easily controlled through proper usage of medication and avoiding irritants. But if you don’t understand how to take your medication or what irritants to avoid, asthma can quickly become a very serious problem.”

“We are honoured that Dr. FitzGerald has chosen to add his immeasurable experience and expertise to our Advisory Board” said Brett Vokey, Founder and CEO of BreatheSuite. “Dr. FitzGerald’s proven history as a leader in the respiratory field will bring invaluable insight to the strategic direction of BreatheSuite.”

Dr. FitzGerald has held many leadership roles in world-leading asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) organizations. He is past Chair and current member of the Global Initiative in Asthma (GINA) Executive Science Committee and Board of Directors. He is also the past President of the Canadian Thoracic Society and the past Chair of its Asthma Assembly. His clinical and research interests include asthma, COPD and health outcomes and he has published over 550 publications in many high impact journals.

Dr. FitzGerald strongly believes that “BreatheSuite’s innovative patient-centric, behaviour change based products can help asthma and COPD patients overcome the barriers to proper inhaler technique and adherence.  The incorporation of inhaler technique feedback along with behaviour change research sets BreatheSuite apart.”  By pairing the BreatheSuite MDI device with the mobile app, asthma & COPD patients will be better equipped to self-manage their conditions through the real-time feedback provided on their inhaler adherence and technique.

Impact of improper inhaler technique:

Improper inhaler technique is an extensive problem in the treatment of chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD. Research has shown that roughly 90% of inhalers are used incorrectly, resulting in less than 20% of medication reaching a user’s lungs. This improper inhaler technique results in a significant economic burden of an estimated yearly expenditure in North America of $6.0 billion. These figures do not begin to take into account the immeasurable human cost these poorly controlled chronic respiratory conditions have on people due to their decreased quality of life.

About BreatheSuite:

BreatheSuite is a Canadian medical technology company founded in 2018 that develops innovative self-management devices that help respiratory patients live longer, healthier lives. The BreatheSuite MDI device is designed to track and train proper inhaler usage, while the BreatheSuite app provides reminders to improve user adherence, and tips on how to improve inhaler technique. For healthcare professionals, patient information is analyzed and communicated to enable real-time monitoring of clients’ inhaler technique and adherence, leading to more effective and personalized treatment plans. For more information visit www.breathesuite.com.

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