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Who we are

BreatheSuite has been helping people with chronic lung diseases live better lives since 2018. BreatheSuite is focused on helping people with a variety of respiratory diseases including COPD, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis, asthma, and post-COVID lung disease. BreatheSuite’s virtual pulmonary rehab program provides patients with the education and support they need to make improvements in both their physical abilities but also their overall quality of life. With BreatheSuite by your side, you’re well on your way to breathing easier.


The primary goal of BreatheSuite is to help people with respiratory problems maximize their lung capacity and mobility by reducing their symptoms and activity limitations through exercise and self-management education, in turn, keeping their health condition as stable as possible to prevent and/or better manage future exacerbations and improve their overall quality of life.



Our vision is to empower respiratory patients to live longer, healthier lives.

We know that life is challenging for those with long term respiratory conditions. Not being able to breathe is incredibly anxiety inducing. Breathing should not be a battle every single day, and at BreatheSuite, we’re committed to changing that.

We believe that the power of technology can be paired with a strong human connection to improve outcomes. 

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Our Values

Do it for the People

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Your "it" is what you put into your work every day and "it" is all about making our team and the people we serve live healthier and happier lives.

Question Everything 

Ask why at least five times before coming up with your answer. Possibilities are endless!

Embrace Diversity

Different backgrounds and different perspectives brings different solutions which breeds innovation so don't resist, embrace it.

Love the Problem

Solving our problems ultimately makes our team and the people we serve happier and healthier so dont rush it - ask questions, exhaust possibilities and love it.

Eager to Be Better

Stay hungry for learning so you can continue to grow and be the best version of yourself for our team and the people we serve

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