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Respiratory Care Made Easy

Virtual Pulmonary Rehab, one click away

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Virtual Pulmonary Rehab

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Program Components

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Designed for You at Home

A 12-week telehealth program that includes exercises, education, and support intended to help you with your COPD, ILD, Bronchiectasis, Post-COVID, or Asthma

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Supported by Health Professionals

You'll receive 1-on-1 care from a Physical Therapist and a dedicated Respiratory Therapist

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Covered by Insurance

Medicare patients can access the program without incurring any costs. In the event of potential out-of-pocket expenses, we will transparently communicate these details to you before enrollment

A typical week in the program:

Your PT will prescribe exercises tailored to you that you can do on your own schedule. We will provide you with any equipment you'll need for the program to exercise and monitor your vitals safely.


Each week you'll have a lesson related directly to your lung condition that will help you learn to manage your symptoms even after the program ends.


Each week, you'll meet with your PT to review how your exercises are going, and ensure you're on the right track. If any changes needs to be made to your exercise prescription, your PT can help with that during these appointments as well.

PT Televisits

What you'll receive in your welcome kit

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